Policies & Rates

All policies and expectations are provided to help students have a smooth and successful experience.  Please read carefully and feel free to contact me with any questions.


  • Lessons are given weekly during the school year (Sept-May). Currently, I teach during the summer on a request basis (June-August).
  • All students are expected to come well-prepared for each lesson with their nails trimmed, current music books, and practice times recorded in the provided charts. Parents are responsible for making sure their child's practice requirement is fulfilled.
  • Parents are expected to attend their child's lesson as often as possible.
  • Parents (or older siblings) are strongly encouraged to supervise the practice of students under age 10, at least 2 days a week.
  • Since recitals and other events are frequently photographed and used on the studio website, all students registering in this studio hereby grant permission for photos of themselves to be used by the teacher (for studio purposes only).

Required Materials

  • Piano or full-sized  touch sensitive keyboard
  • Metronome
  • Any piano music, theory books or other materials (such as flash cards), the teacher determines are necessary. Music and theory start-up costs are usually $15-$20.


  • All students (excepting adults) are required to participate in the spring and fall studio recitals (no additional fee). Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the teacher. Other performance opportunities and events are highly encouraged but remain optional.

Missed/Canceled Lessons

  • Students may cancel a lesson due to weather, sickness, vacations, etc., but the lesson will not be refunded. Students are paying a normal “school tuition”.  Lessons may be rescheduled when possible on a first come first serve basis, however there is no guarantee for lesson reschedules. Minimum 48 hour notice of missed lesson required for rescheduling (except for illness/emergency – as much notice as possible required, minimum 1 hour). There is a maximum of 2 rescheduled lessons per school year and students must reschedule missed lessons by the end of the school year, otherwise they will forgo the lesson.
  • Students who are sick (anything more than a slight cold or allergies), must call and reschedule their lesson for the sake of everyone else's health.
  • Lessons canceled by the teacher will be rescheduled and are not included in the maximum 2 lesson reschedule policy.
  • Students must provide a 1 month (4 weeks) notice before terminating lessons.  Lessons terminated with less than a 1 month (4weeks) notice will not be refunded.  I as the teacher, reserve the right to terminate lessons at any time and for any reason.


  • Fees stay the same each month and do not adjust for months with more or less than 4 lessons. This works out perfectly because there are usually 3 months in the school year with 5 lessons in the month and 3 vacation weeks (so we almost always end up even at the end of the year!)
  • Payment for lessons is due the first lesson of every month for the entire month. It may be paid by cash or check. (A $10 late fee is automatically charged for payment that is not received by the second regularly scheduled lesson of the month.)
  • A monthly reminder will be sent out the last week of every month for the next month’s bills and will include any additional fees (for new music, etc.) if applicable.


  • We take off 2 weeks for Christmas and 1 week for Thanksgiving.

-         Practice times must be recorded on a daily basis.  Parents must confirm their child’s practice by signing in the provided space on the practice chart.

-    Students ages 12 and under are required to faithfully practice a minimum of 30 min. a day for 5 days a week (a total of 2 ½ hrs. a week).  Students ages 13 and older are expected to practice a minimum of 1 hr. a day for 5 days a week (a total of 5 hrs. a week).  Students may squeeze their practice time into fewer days as long as their requirement is fulfilled.

-    Students who are out of town a day or two, or have a particularly busy week are still expected to fulfill their practice requirement and fit their practice in some other time in the week.  (Exceptions considered on an individual basis.)  For longer vacations a practice requirement reduction will be given.

Monthly Rates


30 min. Lessons

45 min. Lessons

60 min. Lessons